Paula's Rose

Ann reminded me that Paula’s rose has its first fully open flower of the year so it was well worth a Blip. It has this lovely trio of whorls in the centre and I really like it against this darker background.  I think the lens baby has worked well and has created a glow around the outer edge.  Thank you Paula, some presents last for many years.

We’re expecting trouble to erupt tonight unless the `enforcement’ officer from the planning department has been the bearer of good news.  No doubt it will all be our fault despite the fact that several passers by have asked, `does that have planning permission’.  It’s not been pleasant (an understatement).

I've just been sorting through a box of cards that my mum kept, family photos and cards that people sent in memory of my dad and I came across a wonderful letter from a man who recalled meeting them in the French Alps when they were on a walking holiday. It's lovely to have that kind of insight into a part of their lives I never knew. I know I was lucky to have them both until relatively recently.

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