this too, shall pass

By lenah


This cheerful, red sculpture greets patients and visitors at one of our local hospitals. The artist is Lee Kelly. He links this sculpture to a mountain - a landmark that symbolizes peace, locates travelers geographically and shelters inhabitants. It is supposed to be a marker for people entering a special place of healing. 
On a different note - his wife, Bonnie Bronson died at the age of 50 in a mountaneering accident at Mt. Adams while they were climbing the mountain together. 

A friend of mine is spending the night at the hospital . She called me this morning at 4:00 am because she was not feeling well. I took her to the emergency room and they are trying to figure out what is wrong with her. I hope very much I can bring her home tomorrow.

It has been a long and stressful day and I better send this Blip off before the time is running out - almost midnight! 

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