After a lovely morning having coffee with an old friend and chatting with her, I decided that before our other friends come for coffee this afternoon, I would try and get my Blip done for Tiny Tuesday.

I managed to find an old tripod because I wanted to play practise with the macro lens again but it is a bit of a faff putting the bit on the bottom of the camera, then attaching it to the tripod but I managed eventually.

Mr. HCB did try to mend my other tripod last night, but thinks the            thread is stripped on the screw and the internal thread - a pain really, as it is only two years old.

I tried every which way to get this shot and must admit I didn’t take as many as I did yesterday - which in one way is good because it saves me sifting through so many photographs.

However, the pain with this tripod is that when I want to get the shots from the memory card onto the computer, I have to unscrew the bit on the bottom, take it off, put it down, and then take the memory card out.  I must tell you that I am amazed at the patience I have in this regard as I am not normally a very patient person.

Anyway, here is my offering for Tiny Tuesday, a lavender flower - and I am quite pleased with this.  I wasn’t sure whether the background was the right colour, but this seems to work.

It’s a good job that Mr. HCB is very laid back about cameras, lenses and other paraphernalia associated with photography being around the house.  Neither of us have ever liked a pristine house - it feels so uncomfortable - so we live as we live and if anyone wants to visit, they are very welcome, just don’t expect a beautifully clean and tidy house.  However, if you want to come soon, please give me at least a week’s notice because I need to move all the stuff of the spare room bed!

“An ounce of practice 
     is generally worth more than 
          a ton of theory.” 
Ernst F. Schumacher

P.S.  This little flower is less than half an inch long, so it does qualify for Tiny Tuesday.

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