Sea Urchin

By seaurchin

Once more into the fray.

Picnic on Tyningham Beach with some of Nick's family. A happy get together to celebrate Lindsay's birthday. Brammle behaved appallingly, stealing sandwiches, barking and kicking up sand everywhere. As a result I spent a lot of time away from the main group throwing sticks whilst mumbling how I wish he would behave in company under my breath. Got to watch the surfers though, who were out in force catching the impressive waves.

Sam dug a network of tunnels, Rowan built Vesuvius and Murron did her best to trash the lot! Ruaridh fell into a hole Sam had dug and wee Ben wore his little sun hat with style. Nick caught the sun BIG time and my camera jammed and caused me to almost have a very public breakdown....except I didn't and we still got home in time for Doctor Who, phew!

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