Sea Urchin

By seaurchin

Picnic with Treegonk at the Botanics. Wandered through the Glasshouses trying to remain composed as the children opened and shut the automatic doors over and over and over again in each zone. Stopped for the obligatory cup of tea and chocolatey something at the cafe before returning home, where Nick and Treegonk made me cook dinner for them so they could talk football tactics. Slight complaints on the length of time taken to cook (especially given that one of them is on strict portion control and always hungry!), but I think I out did myself on the cooking front and will now not cook for the rest of April. They then settled themselves down to watch the exciting(?) and riveting(?) US Masters golf championship on TV, where they spent a lot of time exclaiming about how much weight some of the golfers had put on.....too much like the pot calling the kettle black to me..... ;-)

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