Anatole's blips

By anatolebeams

Ben Eighe

A big day on a big mountain today. They really don't come any more extreme than Torridon (on the mainland).

Not content with the quick up-and-down, tick-and-bash method of bagging peaks, we chose the Ben Eighe circuit taking in the precipitous ridge walks over most of the western tops, and then down the back corrie and the long walk back round the mountain to the start.... and was it a long walk back...? It took us as long as climbing the whole thing over rough ground and along a boulder track. This blip the view from the end of the track at the end. The extras show half-way round on the ridge and the view north off the top down the stone chute.

Sore feet and a day off today to recover thinking about normal tourist things like fishing and boat trips. I am sure it will wear off before long and we'll be back out on the tops doing it again. But right now, that feels some way off.

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