Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Dueling Drakes

Up at o'dark hundred this morning (that's 0400 or 4 AM, if you are wondering), then off to the airport.  Five hour flight to Oregon where parents were waiting with open arms!  It's 3 hours earlier here so we had a full afternoon to get out and do some walking, talking and (for me) sh.ooting.

We went to Tualatin River NWR which is a favorite spot.  We hadn't gone more than a half mile when we spotted an altercation occurring in the wetlands.  Two drakes of different species having a major spat.  I fired as many shots as I could while the two went round for round.  Eventually, the Blue-winged Teal (bottom here) won the day, chasing the Cinnamon Teal (above) across the water and to the other side of the pond.  Lots of trash talking, lots of biting and head bobbing (something ducks frequently seem to do when trying to establish dominance).  All very entertaining.  

From there, we continued along the trail for about 3 miles, thoroughly enjoying the company, the weather, and the wildlife.  

I suspect it will be an early night for us.  The plan tomorrow is to drive out to the Oregon Coast for the day.  But most of all, the plan is just to enjoy this time together.  Apologies in advance for a lack of comments while I'm here.  I know you'll understand.


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