We had intended to spend the day with C and K, who are now staying in a flat nearby, but for a variety of reasons this proved unfeasible. However, we did spend the evening with them, and it was lovely. We went to an excellent "Nordic Guitar" music concert with JP Piirainen. He was superb - quite the artist and very original. K and C bought the CD. We came back here for some supper, and sat around chatting for a while, talking about their plans for the rest of the week. We'll next catch up with them in October, we hope.

I took the blip just as I was getting ready for bed. That's the view in the north east, more or less, after the sun had gone down in the north west. It's only hiding its head away for about 5.5 hours now, and during most of that time there will be read in the sky in the north.

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