My first big fat Greek temple

Well, obviously not the very first, because I've seen them in Athens, but this is the first seen "in the wild" as it were. And without queues to get in.

L and G drove us down to the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion. Pretty impressive situation on a promontory, allowing an uninterrupted view in every direction. It functioned as the basis for an early warning system for Athens as well as being surrounded by a fortress that allowed the Athenians to protect various trade routes essential for supplying Athens with grain. There were a fairly large number of tourists, but it wasn't overrun like the main sites in Athens.

Afterwards we had an excellent fish-based lunch at a restaurant in Palaiá Fókaia, right on the sea front (see extra). Afterwards, I decided I would never eat again. Back here, we rested a bit, and then decided not to head downtown for dinner, but instead go to the local bar we visited on Monday. In the end, we never shifted from the balcony, but sat here watching the light fade, and chatting about this and that, and eventually had a light supper of snacks and a glass of wine. So, yes, in the end, I could face a bit of salad and spinach pie. Well, it would have been rude not to. And now G has just been out to the local sweet shop to buy some baklava in order to tempt Mr A. There's such a huge quantity that it will be coming on tour with us.

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