View from the train window

Our 4.5 hour train journey to Inverness this afternoon offered fabulous sunny views such as this most of the way. We also saw deer, highland cattle, rabbits, sheep, and a hare from the window as we sped by. Our travelling companions at the other side of our table were a couple of Canadian brothers - one a fire-fighter and the other a GP - who both live very close to our cousins in Oakville. The fabulous scenery, interesting conversation, and our 'train picnic' kept us well-entertained over the course of the journey.

I also made friends with a man at the open window between carriages. This was his third train of the day, having started his journey eight hours earlier in Totnes. He'll be on the same bus as us to Ullapool tomorrow, so I am looking forward to seeing him again then. His ultimate destination is Stornoway, the town he last saw as a three year-old when his family left the islands for a new life in England.

Exercise today: 10 mile bike ride; walking (9878 steps).

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