By hazelh

Holiday day 13: around Scarista (1)

Our first of three days around Scarista started with (yet another) puncture - grrrrh! It looks like shards of glass that I have accumulated on the cycle paths of Edinburgh have been working their way through my tyres as we cycle around the Outer Hebrides.

Puncture repaired, we set off for a fun day taking in Grannie Annie's vintage shop (one purchase made), St Clement's church in Rodel, Sam's seafood shack (chowder for lunch, sharing a table with new residents of Harris), and the 'town' beach at Northton. Then we returned to our bed and breakfast to get changed for dinner again at Talla na Mara.

My blip is of the beach at Northton. Mr hazelh chose a very sheltered and warm spot for our afternoon rest. While I dozed, he surveyed the sea for wildlife and spotted a dolphin (or possibly a porpoise) playing in the water. Unfortunately each time that he passed me the binoculars, along with precise details of the creature's location, I didn't manage to see it myself :-(

I'm typing this as I watch a sunset over the Atlantic which may be even more spectacular than the one that I witnessed from the same spot last night. Our bed and breakfast certainly has a fabulous location.

(This is the only day of our holiday so far when it has not rained at all!)

Exercise today: 23 miles of cycling.

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