By hjarald

Could be a Dutch Postcard Picture

My NewDelftBlue photo's are meant to promote my country Holland (also called the Netherlands) amongst the world population. 

I often tend to shine a light on our culture, heritage, landscape, architecture, traditions and anything else witch fits the word 'Dutch'

A few days ago I was at this location, but the weather was dark & terrible. Nevertheless I tried to shoot something decent by using my tripod, so I had to take off my favorite peak design camera strap.

When I got home I discovered I had lost it somewhere, bugger :-(((

So I returned to the same location day and guess what... It was still laying on the parking lot where I packed my bag. So lucky as this spot is visited by loads of photographers daily but they obviously had the decency to let it lay for me to be found back. Thanks for that.

Lucky fact #2 is that it was great circumstances today, so I could go for a second chance.

Isn't it a typical tourist postcard photo :-)

ps.I uploaded two extra photo's too.

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