George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Me 'n My Mate

Raj and me is good mates, and we do play chase a lot of the time.  And a lot of the time we do sleep side by side, but we never snuggle up.

Hey, you'll never guess what THEY did today.  No you won't, not in a million years.

They did write a letter to them up the road that do have a big woofly, snuffly white dog called Champion.  Except we do call him Panda because he's as big as a bear.  Anyway me and Champion Panda do always say hello through the fence and we would like to play ever so bad, even though he's so big and I'm so small (he's only 7 months old, but you'd think he was fully grown).  Anyway we reckon we'd get on, so THEY wrote this letter suggesting that Champion Panda does come and see us sometimes just to have a play. 

How about that!!!  'cept that I think we won't allow Raj in on the act because I reckon he'd be scared shirtless.

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