By CleanSteve

Our huge trumpet shaped cactus flower

I finally progressed my computer problem, although by no means is it fixed. But at least I was able to deal with a high level support person who is taking the situation seriously and understands how disruptive it has become. So fingers crossed that in the next week some resolution may develop.

I felt better as a result of these communications and had more of a spring in my step. After tea I decided to get a flower picture for the Flower Friday challenge and went to the cabin to photograph a small red cactus flower that has been  blooming for some weeks, rather unexpectedly. As usual my relative lack of care for the cacti has produced rather a surfeit of flowers. I think that over wintering the cacti in the cabin with a degree of low level winter heat has helped them, although they get little water and many of them have no soil at all!

I took some pictures of the red flowers although I wasn't that inspired with my efforts. I moved the cactus back to it normal place from where I was placing the plant in the light. Then I suddenly 'opened' my eyes wider and spotted this wonderful cactus flower in a pot where there are a small collection of this specific cactus. The stem is at least eight inches long and the flower is about five inches in diameter, while its trumpet must be about five inches deep. A stunner.

I tried to get a good handheld picture although I was by now in a hurry. I was worried that the se flowers last only a couple of days, so thought I should get it while I could. There is another flower at the end of a new stem so I may set up a tripod and try to get it from another angle to show off its beauty. The colours are so delicate. What a treasure. I have some of my earliest memories of cacti being grown by my granny in a glass verandah overlooking the Thames estuary at Southend-on -Sea, where we lived with my grandparents for my first few years and spent many summers until I was a teenager. But I don't remember them flowering like this!

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