But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Looking for Dolphins.

Today’s visit to Chanonry must be put down to experience. We know that the dolphins perform soon after low tide: unfortunately, so did everybody else. There are several ploys to avoid a conflict with the eye-phone users, the successful one appears to be to spend much more money on equipment than Mrs TD is ever likely to condone. The more practical one is to wear a pair of shoes that I don’t mind immersing in sea water and wading out into two feet of water. I did try taking my shoes off but found it too painful to stand on the pebbles; the consideration that the problem would be worsened when combined with the effects of the cold water at least prevented me from risking dropping a camera into the sea. The Blip is of herself scanning the horizon for the dolphins half an hour before they arrived.
On the way back to the B&B we dropped in on Brodie Castle; the tour guide was quite amusing but not entirely trustworthy. We had noticed that the number 42 was emblazend on several artifacts scattered around the promises so we enquired as to its significance but he was totlly unaware of its relevance to the Brodie family and only had an inkling of its Galactic importance. He then went on to point out a painting of several daughters of the family and one son, all of whom were wearing frocks. He stated that the boy was wearing a frock for protection; as the son and heir of the clan, he was less likely to be kidnapped if he was disguised as a girl, a claim that was supported by one member of his audience - after interrogation. Herself and I were suspicious so consulted Google on our return; the real reason is more mundane, small boys had difficulty unfastening breeches so, until they mastered the art, they wore frocks for purely sanitary reasons. You just can’t trust tour guides, not even those at the Chapel.

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