Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Another picture taken from a moving car - by G! This is as we drove past the cannon, for our first Iftar this year. We took Pauline out for a belated birthday meal. But back to the picture... there are teams from the Police who sound a cannon every day to signal the end of the fast. We know of at least three locations in town. This one is just outside the area that we live.

Up to a few weeks ago, this area, known as the Eid mosque, has been home to a lot of construction material. Sort of like a ready warehouse by the side of the road! It's great to see it all cleared up, and you can easily see the cannon from the road. G managed to get the detail of the table being set up, the police car and a bunch of tourists who always gather for the event.

We had a great meal and catch up with Pauline telling her our tale of woe with the cars etc. Happy to report, the Peugeot, which we collected in the afternoon, is going really well. Hire car returned without incurring any tolls or fines, and we were able to drive on a newly opened road that is a continuation of Al Khail Road or Happiness Street. It's been under construction since last year and is a very welcome (and beautiful) addition to the road network!

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