Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

More precipitation

Today (according to the liars on the TV weather forecasters) it was supposed to be clearing.  I kept waiting for a break to take the hounds for a good long walk seeing as they didn't get out yesterday.  Nada, niente, nuffin.  Poppy really needed to get out and stretch her legs so I decided to take them to the beach.  What did it matter if it was raining as they would only run into the sea and get wet anyway.  Mission accomplished and they are both resting with the air con on drying off.  I don't think it got much above 14C today.  It really feels like Winter.

I am hoping that it will clear a bit tomorrow but hey ho if it doesn't as long as the farmers are getting some of that rain.

A heads up for those who do Tiny Tuesday.  There is an optional theme this week.  I am calling for a tiny or tiny bit of a favourite thing or souvenir.  I was doing a massive clean up today and came across quite a good few of mine and thought I would like to see other peoples favourite things.  If you do do the theme, don't forget to tell us where and how you got it and why it is a favourite thing.  The tag this week is TT159.

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