On Stage

I am always  aware that someone might get a picture of me, getting a picture of the First MInister when I am on stage during her conference speech.   I think I was caught once when Alex was the FM but the opportunity to get a unique blip is just too great at these times.   

So this is from today in Aberdeen during what was a tour de force Leader's speech , focusing not only on the key improvements the Scottish Government is making but also on the way in which we could do more. 

And this from a First Minister leading a party well ahead in the polls even after 11 years in Government and in the mid term of our third administration.   Plus attitudes to independence are clearly shifting in a positive direction as can be seen from he Social Attitudes Survey published this week. 

Interestingly similar evidence of incipient constitutional change comes from polls in Northern Ireland and opinion surveys in England and Wales too as was made clear in an excellent fringe meeting organised by Edinburgh and Cardiff Universities at which I spoke yesterday. 

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