By CoffeePotter

Campfire Toasted Marshmallows

Today there was a farm open day about 1.5 miles from our home, so we walked there, expecting to spend about an hour, then walk home. It was so interesting, that we stayed for about 4 hours. There were bees, wild flowers, tractor rides (which we didn't go on), woodland walks, learn to make a longbow, and a go at archery. It's an organic farm and has been for many years, so the wild flowers and ferns were wonderful. I really enjoyed the archery and shot the stag 3 times - it was only a painting though, stuck to straw bales.  All the displays had someone there to demonstrate or talk to us - such as a wild flower specialist, a bee specialist, a longbow maker etc. 
When we were on our woodland walk we came across a little den and camp fire, and there were people there toasting marshmallows and dampers - and they gave us some do do ourselves over the camp fire. 
There were also Devon cream teas - and everything (including the cream teas) was free. All they asked for was a donation towards a local charity, and we were more than happy to oblige. 

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