Learning to cook the Italian way

We joined the cooking class this morning which was great fun and thanks to Chef Marco who in a former life must have been well versed in Blue Peter as he'd got all the ingredients prepared and ready, even the eggs for the pasta were already cracked and in a small bowl. We also had Angelo there to translate for us who also did an amazing job. We don't usually opt for these kinds of events but I'm so glad we did. It looks as though we're on Tirimasu at the time of this photo. Very good it was too when we sat down to eat.

I've been photographing butterflies again this afternoon but it was sooooo hot that I lasted about an hour and the last twenty minutes or so I sat under a tree on a bench and the butterflies came to me. They've mainly been the Clouded Yellows again, which are not all identical and then a Fritillary butterfly dropped in to say hello once it hadn't done a dozen circuits of this part of the neglected garden. There are also quite a few of what I take to be Large Whites.

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