Sunshine, cake, good company, and a good book...

The Missing by Tim Gautreaux

“Louisiana is the setting for this riveting tale of a kidnapped child and the man on her trail - Sam Simoneaux, who feels honour-bound to help find her. Leaving his stalwart wife behind, he works his passage on a pleasure steamer up the Mississippi, entering a wild world of jazz, moonshine and lawlessness. It is a journey that will lead Sam to confront not only violent criminals but his own past, and to make some hard decisions about the value of vengeance.” Amazon

Into Bath on the bus (my regular bus let me down today, 27mins late going out and 20 mins late returning!) to meet up with my book group friends at K’s house, where we sat in the garden under the Wisteria, discussing our latest read, whilst eating yummy Lemon Tendercake with blueberry compote (recipe link here). Three out of the four of us loved the book, the same as at my library book group, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I would still heartily recommend the book, one of the best I’ve read for a long time. It was originally recommended to me by one of Bath’s independent bookshops, one of their all-time bestsellers.

Even warmer today at 24 degrees, so after waiting for hours at bus stops, and walking nearly three miles to get to and from K’s house (she lives at the top of Bath, and at the top of one of the steepest roads!), I’m totally zonked. Will do my best to catch up with you all this evening, but if you don’t hear from me, I’ve nodded off, again! As I type, my eyes are closing on me…

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