Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


Me and Bethan finally saw eachother today, thank god, as I am pretty sure I was losing my mind again.

I tried to initiate cuddles and then sex, but she didnt want to have sex with me, it sounds dumb, but i got upset because I thought she'd gone off me, turns out she just wasn't in the mood. Which I didnt get because i'm not used to it. But over the course of the night that changed and we had a lovely night listening to the Chicago Musical soundtrack, and drinking Disaronno, that soon changed her mind, and she spent 8 hours with me. I miss her already, I cycled her to the bus stop and she gave me her gloves and told me she wouldn't ever leave me and that she'd like to punch my ex in the face. We agreed it'd be funny.

I can't wait for college to start again, and i'm seeing Bethan on wednesday afternoon/night, which is super exciterama. I love her so much. We sat on the roof having a cigarette, talking about when we're going to get her trying for a baby. We decided next summer. We're both so, so SO excited.

This is her looking raunched, and me throwing her about. God she's hot man!

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