A mess!

We looked after the two girls today as their other grandparents who usually do it are away.  It was a really lovely day.  We stayed round the house as Ro is still not feeling well - appointment with the nurse tomorrow!  (made last Thursday!)  Little Missy helped me make beefburgers with lemon thyme from the garden.  She placed a bay leaf, also from the garden, on each burger.  At Lunch time they were woofed up and pronounced delicious!

The girls 'helped' me to plant the remaining tray of marigolds  and then both helped me to water lots of plants!  Grandbaby watered herself more than anything else!!  We found some snails and watched them happily crawling around the soaked garden!  LM declared they were her pets!  They played with the sand and we had a snack of toasted raisin bread. 

After lunch we all settled down with the TV (Peppa PIg!) to have a nap!!  Then Little Missy helped me to make some meringues - the sort my mother used to make with me.  You beat up the eggs in the usual manner and add a dessert spoon of sugar per egg white and beat again then cook at high heat fast.  It gives a lovely soft texture.  So they were our afternoon snack along with some frozen blueberries!  

Back to the garden.  I had spotted some really big bee-like creatures flying into a hole in the wall of the utility room and Ro had to block it off!  He finished the blocking on the inside after the girls left.  

Dinner - pasta, peas and salmon.  I took a short cut and used a tin of peas but neither child was impressed!  Jelly and grapes for afters.  We watched fantasia and then it was porridge time and we took them home and put them in a much needed bath!!  Mum arrived and took over!  

Cleaned the kitchen floor and chilled out for an hour or so, a friend phoned, we had a long chat and now I'm loading my blip!  

This is for Mono Monday - scattered!  I give you a floor scattered with toys!!  Thank you very much for a perfect theme for me today Laurie!  And thank you for hosting!

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