Not the same old Beach Huts

Thanks to Laurie 54 for suggesting ‘scattered’ for this week’s theme for Mono Monday.
We walked into Abersoch along the beach, don’t think l could ever tire of this ritual.
Saw a white horse and rider trotting by the water’s edge but it was low tide and even though l ran towards it much to Mr P’s bemusement l was too late and it was soon to far away to get a decent shot.
Never mind, it raised my heartbeat and my Garmin seemed to appreciate my effort.
As l returned to Mr P l liked how the beach huts looked extra good in the sun, nearly all unoccupied after the weekend.
These are such a random set of huts, no two are alike and they are scattered (see what l did there!) along the sand dunes rather than placed in regimented lines as favoured by other resorts.

This evening it’s been another beautiful evening and instead of going down to the beach for the sunset we stayed ar the caravan and l took this shot of the sun’s departure through the hedgerow.

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