Hebridean pool lizard

Ridgeback13 is only here for a couple of days so we are packing in as much fun as possible.

Our main expedition today was to the two tombolo beaches south of Mealista in glorious sunshine, and with amazing views to Mealista Island, Scarp, Taransay, and Harris. I blip the Hebridean Pool Lizard (a close relation of the Antiguan variety) at our picnic spot on Tombolo 1 with Mealista Island behind him. My first extra shows Scarp in the distance. WalkingMarj’s blip for today shows both tombolos together: a wonderful sight.

On the way back to the house we stopped off on Mangersta Beach to admire the waves, as can be seen in my second extra.

After dinner this evening we introduced Ridgeback13 to Catan, and she won her very first game. We hope that this means that she will be tempted to play again.

Exercise today: walking (9228 steps)

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