Week 23.

Honestly, I forgot to do this weeks blip and now I'm posting it on Tuesday not Sunday as I'm used to ...

Otto has worked this week alot. He's had first-aid-course and normal workshifts etc.

Our son has been sleeping badly in the mornings so I'm quite tired..

Our week was full of playing in the parks and at home. And I went to gym first time for ages. I was really proud of myself because it's been a really long time from the last time I ran, and now I ran on the treadmill two kilometers. Hooray.

Girls have enyoud of beeing at home.
Peppi doesn't like our son, I think she is scarred of him been loud and he does sudden movements but on Thursday she let our son to feed her with grass. She likes to eat grass like a cow :D and when we bring it inside she goes crazy.

I also worked on Sunday and I think that was the reason I forgot to post this blip, I was quite tired.

Now I'm keeping the story short, I don't have much to say this time.. :)

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