Ferry to Sicily

Well,  we have finally arrived at our destination i.e. Sicily.  Mind you we have still got at least 600 miles to do to drive around Sicily before we head back home. 

The ferry was interesting.  I booked it online last night and sort of expected a channel crossing type experience.   However, the organisation was absolutely chaotic  with an absence of signs in the ferry port,  several competing ferry companies and chaos in the town of Villa San Giovani with articulated lorries doing U-turns in the centre of the town when they discovered (like us) that they had taken a wrong turn.  Jane objected to my references to the Herald of Free Enterprise when the ferry set off before the car ramp had been lifted.   Never mind,  we are here and I will try not to worry about the return journey.

We are intending to explore Sicily for just over a week.  We are staying in a lovely campsite in Taormina just South of Messina.  We will drive around the island in a clockwise direction.  Weather forecast is not brilliant - we shall see.   Sicily seems to be a lot more civilised than Southern Calabria.   

My extra shows a shot of our motorhome on its pitch overlooking the sea

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