Mothers' meeting

A day of catching up on gardening, weeding and watering mainly, and on washing bedding and towels etc after the visitors.  It is really strange, Liz was only here for nine days and yet I really miss her.  

Ollie and I had a nice gentle walk before I went over to H's this afternoon.  We were able to get really close to these eider ducks at the bottom of the slip.  The mothers group together and form a creche for the ducklings, strength in numbers against the black back gulls and the skuas. This pair have been going around together for a few days now, and haven't lost any babies yet.

H and I, armed with staples and hammers, did some fencing repairs.  Horses are rough on fences and as H has no barbed wire, the ponies regularly lean, rub and push on them so there are always some which need mending.  Rode inside and out, and had time to do some jumping too, on a tiny Shetland called Sprite.  Very full of beans and sprightly, but I stayed on!  That long mane is very handy!

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