My entry for Abstract Thursday "reflections"
Much too long story to describe this, just to say it was taken in our entrance, a photo on the wall with wallpaper on the opposite wall reflected.  The picture (one of mine) is an abstract as well, this is just a third of it.

The sun did shine for a while today, but not long enough. June is turning out to be a damp and dismal month.

I've had rather a stressful day - 
back in January I was invited to be one of three online judges for a National Competition (called Creative Focus) run by a Photography Club up in Auckland.  It is one I have had success in over past years. 
Four sections;  Creative Focus, Surreal Landscape, Shades of Autumn and Pastel High Key.  In total 856 images, given the link last night and looking forward to making a start tomorrow.
Nuff said !!

Book club tonight, and I'd much rather stay home warm in front of the fire.

Airfares to Wellington booked this morning, something to look forward to.


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