This came through the email this morning - painted from this blip by the extremely talented Willllwynbedw, this lovely man is so so talented and generous, take some time to scroll through his journal - the wow factor truly. They opened up their home to us last September, special folk and special friends.

Now, whilst this isn't my photo I really wanted to show and have in my journal, both Doug and I love it, it will be framed when we get home.
We've had such an awesome day, dawned very fresh but clear skies.  We took to the streets and walked for an hour and half, ending up at Znk for coffee.  Then this avi we were driven out to Mapua and enjoyed a meander around and in the interesting craft outlets.  So enjoyable.
Now home, its drinks nibble time.
Love being with old friends, we all go back to our high school days, special.

Biking tomorrow.


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