By LittleMissBarky

Tired Kitty

Following a puppy around all day must be exhausting. Nikau decided to lie down after going outside and watching Abe in the run (which Abe doesn’t seem to like at the moment). Nikau fell asleep on his “climbing tree” just after coming inside to get some attention from me. 

I’ve been sick today and didn’t go to school. Unfortunately I missed out on playing basketball (my favourite sport) in HPE but I think we’re doing it again next week. I was supposed to be learning sign language today as well but oh well. I emailed my teachers asking what work I need to catch up on but didn’t get a reply so it looks like I might be doing a fair bit of homework over the weekend. 

I stayed inside with the heater on for most of the day and did some training with Abe once Barking got home.

Hopefully I can enjoy my last Woodwork and Agriculture lessons tomorrow.

Off to bed now.


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