By LittleMissBarky

Quick Blip

Little Abe in Cousteau’s bed.

Last Agriculture lesson was great! We were heading sheep which was difficult but fun. I start my new electives this week. Media Art Design and Food Tech.

Didn’t play basketball yesterday because I couldn’t breathe through my nose. According to one of my teammates, we lost by a long shot.

Had a great day today. My best friend came over for the whole day. I’ve missed her so much. It felt amazing to see her again. We played board games, watched a movie and talked a lot about High School and Primary School. I was going to take a photo of her eye today for blip but I forgot. Abe was happy because there was another lap that he fits on (usually he just sits on my lap). Nikau’s nervous with new people and was very alert the whole time she was there. She got to pat him after she gave him a treat.

Off to bed now to read for as much time as possible.


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