By wellsforzoe

Oath for Good – The Great Build

13th June 2018:

In a World where helping people has become Big Business with CEO's and employees, in plush offices, making big salaries with new cars, expense accounts, first class travel and only the best, it's rare to find helping organisation who have no overheads or expenses and where 100% of all public donations is  spent on the ground with all local employees and not a white person in sight.

This is Wells for Zoë, a small Irish NGO, working in poorest Malawi since 2005. The founders and their family pay all expenses and there is full visibility of all they do.

The website is where you can view all the projects for yourself.

To enable this visibility Éamonn Coyne worked with senior software engineer with Oath: (formerly Aol)  Roseanne Dolan, also from Lucan, Co. Dublin.

For three years now Roseanne has rounded up coding people, and others from all over the Oath: world to use their company volunteer day to make all Wells for Zoë projects highly visible.

If you fund our pumps, you can look at the pictures for each, get the GPS with link on Google Earth Maps and of course the details.

This year we hope to bring clean, safe drinking water to about another 100,000 of the poorest people in the world, by installing 500 of our own unique pumps manufactured by our Malawian workers with Malawian materials in our factory in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi.

Maybe soon we will reach a million people but we will keep trying.

The task for the guys today was to set up a database for our preschools and planting trees projects.

We have collected over a million pine seeds have started planting them, before potting and planting out next January.

We will also plant firewood and fruit trees and Eucalyptus poles which will mature in about four years and will make the most economic uplift for the extremely poor people we work with.

When I say we, I mean them and us together.

Wells for Zoë will provide the seeds, the potting tubes and the training.
The rural villagers will do all the rest, because they can. They are their trees and they will look after them, a fact lost in most NGO planning and certainly on the ground.

We are thinking 500 hectares or more and maybe 1.25 million trees, including 50,000 fruit trees.

Our Oath: volunteers in Dublin from left:

Alberto Perez Moncada 

Larry Mahony 

Ameen Oladehinde-Bello 

Screen showing Eamonn Coyne, volunteer website techie (Wells for Zoë)

Padraig Ryan 

M Wasfi

Dotun Akinkuolie 

David Youster 


Douglas Munsinger (Boston)

Philomena Taig 

Weili Yang 

Sebastian Geller Germany

Joel Miller, Illinois USA

Nancy Boyd, Legal, North Carolina, USA

Arkaitz Jimenez, Spain 

Iker Jimenez, Spain 

Pete Thamel, Boston, USA

Pat Forde, Boston USA

Laura Scanlan 

These are all working within Oath: like Yahoo and Aol and are top of their game at software and other stuff and we are so privileged to have them helping us.

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