The Drop

There should be a view towards the snow capped mountains across the water but instead the rain was so heavy that at times even then tops of high rise buildings were hidden. This 20m high sculpture down at the Waterfront where cruise liners were berthed, is symbolical of the fact that Vancouver is surrounded by water and known for its rainfall. "The moment of contact between land and raindrop is documented in its angular descent, while the colour itself complements both the sea and sometimes (okay often) grey sky. Elegant yet formidable, the artwork isn't just a tip to Vancouver's wet weather, but to the power of nature, too. This is one raindrop you won't mind on your camera." It was a very hurried shot in the pouring rain as I certainly didn't want any drops on my camera. (Our last full day after a wonderful time in Canada and I'll fill in back blips later at home)

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