Feel My Foot

The wind rose overnight and was blowing hard this morning. Many trees lost twigs, branches, leaves and seeds. The ground was littered. It was, as the weather forecaster remarked, unseasonal weather.

Before we went to Loughborough, I had an idea for today's photo that might have captured the wind, so to speak, but the storm had abated by the time we got home, so that will have to do for another day.

In the meantime, a snapshot of the Sock Man in Loughborough Marketplace amongst the market stalls. Traders don't often come on windy days because the council won't set up market stalls that can be blown over. They seem to be a lot more stable these days. At any rate, the trader next to Sock Man hadn't turned up.

Costa has been under wraps for a few weeks now. Are they mending a crumbling facade?

Another afternoon drifted away. I still get very tired after a night of cramps and aching. Len went to bowls practice and turned the telly on on his return to watch the Russia vs Saudi game at the start of the World Cup. Couldn't help thinking I'd seen much better football in premier league matches.

MbS probably felt let down by his side. I loved the way that Putin and his translator kept holding open their hands every time the Russians scored. And they grinned.

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