Salvia at Sunrise

A consequence of having a chest infection is waking at 4.30 am with a hacking cough.

I got up and decided to have a glass of medicinal damson gin which has been maturing in a decanter in a corner of the kitchen since the end of last year. It's very smooth. I did feel comforted while drinking it and it soothed the windpipe too.

It was a lovely morning. I sat in the conservatory, joined by Basil then spotted a female blackbird picking at the cherries on the tree over the fence. They're not ripe but that may not matter to the birds. By the time I found my long focal length lens, she had gone. Although she returned, she didn't pose in a photogenic way.

So here are some red salvia touched by early morning sun.

I am on antibiotics now, and hope they clear up the infection within the course limit. I can't cuddle William Jamie until my chest is clear.

Unspeakably horrific events in London overnight. Not just the terrible fate of those caught up in the fire and their families, but perhaps indescribably worse, the sheer callousness of those who will ultimately be found responsible. I imagine housing authorities and contractors will wriggle out of a duty of care complaining, We didn't have the money!

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