Beautiful Giverny

We had varying degrees of sleep last night. I had a pretty good night's sleep in the tent. Apart from an annoying interlude when Archie came in with me. He was whining in the van to get to me but then when he was with me - soaking wet from thirty seconds in the torrential rain - he whined to get back in the van! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!
But after that I snuggled down and, despite the thunder and lightning, slept soundly.
The Little Misses and Archie slept soundly on our bed.
Mr K alternated between the passenger seat and going up in the roof.
He did not sleep soundly!!
The Little Misses had fun at the park, on the bouncy castle and in the pool before we headed off to Giverny. I joined them in the pool which was lovely. Swimming next to the beautiful Seine looking up at the ruins of Richard the Lioneheart's castle. Gorgeous!!
We all went to Giverny in Nana and Papa's camper. The Little Misses thought it was funny to sit on sideways seats without seatbelts. I told them it was like going back to my youth and our holidays in Shirley the Sherpa!
I won't tell them about all the journeys in the back of a transit van sliding about on deckchairs!!
Giverny was as beautiful as ever. We had a lovely walk through the village to the churchyard to say hello as usual to the seven British airmen buried there. More than any of the war graves we visit this one always makes me cry. They were so young and so far from home.
Then it was to our usual lovely cafe for lunch. Choosing got a bit fraught but it the end Miss E was happy with her baguette and butter, Miss L with her lentil and ham salad, me with my delicious sausage and mash, mum with her soup, and Papa and Mr K with their baguettes.
Dogs aren't allowed into Monet's garden so Mr K and my dad headed back to the camper and the Little Misses, mum and I headed in.
It was breathtaking as usual. Your eyes can barely take it all in and photos don't begin to do it justice!
We had a look round the house and were lucky to be in there during a lull. At one point we had Monet's studio to ourselves. Fabulous!!
Mr K joined us when we came out of the house. He'd left my dad sleeping looking after the dogs!
We headed into the water garden which was beautiful. We took another family photo (see extras) which shows how much the Little Misses have changed since we were last there in 2016.
When we got back to the campsite we had our usual camping dinner of curry and rice (hot dogs for Miss E!) and then sat around while the Little Misses played in the park with a couple of girls they'd made friends with. They were Dutch and spoke very little English, obviously the Little Misses aren't as fluent in Dutch as they should be so they made do with a smattering of French and lots of sign language. Very sweet!
No thunder and lightning tonight so it was all back to our usual places in the van.

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