Much excitement on another of our chilli plants today - the Trifetti.  I'd chosen this one partly because the description said that the flowers and fruits would be purple, but it was still exciting to actually see the first flower emerge with its purple edges.  So pretty!

Got up early this morning to finish editing my Barbican photos from yesterday.  Quite pleased to get them done and get out of the house more or less on time.  Sent a few of them over to my contact at the Barbican today, for use on their Instagram (eventually; none of this is really very instant).

Had a good day at work - unusually quite un-busy at the moment, so I'm getting to do a few things I never get time for.  My bloody train was cancelled again this evening though, which was a pain as I had a neighbourhood watch meeting to get to at 7:15pm.  Ended up buying some food from Pret to eat on the way to London Bridge, catching a train from there, and getting in about 25 minutes before the meeting.  Thanks again Southeastern!

Meeting very dull as usual, even though we actually had four local police officers in attendance.  There is so little crime in our area, for which I'm very grateful, but I really don't understand why we need to meet for well over an hour!

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