Yellow line

Spotted this little bit of the Barbican highwalk's yellow line this morning, looking somewhat broken and separate from the line itself.  Dunno what happened there!

Had another good day at work.  Went for a quick walk with a couple of colleagues at lunch, and introduced one of them to the Barbican highwalk for the first time.  A whole new world ;)

Stayed to do box fit this evening, which was basically pure hell.  Our usual instructor was off today, so we had a substitute.  I was really hoping he'd go easier on us, but he was so much harder than the usual fella (who's not exactly kind to us).  Just about made it through, then dragged myself home, via another very delayed train journey - once again, thanks Southeastern.

Busy evening, cooking dinner, taking down washing, doing more washing, taking in a Tesco shop, hanging up said washing, and in between attempting to catch up a bit on my photos.  And then bed.

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