By spannarama

Early train

Had a call from my friend Mark in Australia this morning - lovely to catch up with him after far too long.  I managed to get the wrong train while I was chatting though (or rather, to get the right train but then stay on it beyond where I should've changed to another one), so ended up having to get a train to Farringdon from Denmark Hill.  Also managed to 'reply all' to yet another staff email on the way in - brain really not functioning.  This week has been one day too long!

Another pretty busy day at work.  The data migration meeting I'd been preparing for was cancelled though, so that took a bit of pressure off.  Not happy to discover I'd been testing a load of old data all week because the developer hadn't got round to migrating the new data yet (which I'd understood would be done on Tuesday).  Grrr.  

Super tired again by this afternoon, and couldn't wait for the day to end, so I decided to sneak out a little early again and get an earlier train home.  Got in just after 6:30, instead of after 7pm.  Nice :)

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