Off Again

This time only for 2 nights. Today I travel to Leeds, 170 miles, pitch my little tent rather than my big blue one, sort my stuff out for tomorrow and check the bike over to make sure all is well.
This evening I'll register with the Iron Butt Association for tomorrows ride.

Not sure if I'll be able to post tomorrow as I'll be setting off at 0500'ish and probably not getting back to Leeds until around 1 or 2 on Sunday morning. It's the 1,000 mile RBLR1000 ride which I mentioned in earlier blips.
Saturday stops, after setting off from Squires cafe, Newthorpe, Leeds, are Lowestoft, Colchester (to see an old friend who's going to ride a few miles with me), Brighton, Exeter services, Havorfordwest, Bangor and back to Leeds. It'll take a bit longer than that took to type.

Sunday there is a debrief in the morning and then the 170 mile ride home so altogether the weekend will be about 1,550 riding. No wonder they call it the 'Iron Butt Association'!

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