Brougham Castle.

Day one of our holiday... we're on our way to Fort William and decided to do the journey over two days so we're stopping overnight in the Premier Inn, Carlisle.

On the way we stopped at Brougham near Penrith for a coffee and a leg-stretch and to take a few photos of the castle.  As luck would have it the light was quite dull so it's a black - white.

I was taken aback a bit when we booked in to the Premier Inn... as well as our names and car registration number we were also asked our nationality! The answer to my question "Why are you asking that?"
"We have to see the passports of all non-UK nationals"...

When did that come in? We stayed a Premier Inn last year and didn't have to give our nationality... What's next I wonder, will we have to show our passports to support our claim to be UK nationals travelling within the boarders of the UK?

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