Flower Friday

It's been a normal summer day weather-wise, bit of sun, bit of wind and bit of cloud.  I went for a walk with my small camera to Shottery to hunt out some nature.  Remind me to take my big camera out next time I go, it's much better on the macro and colour balance (as you would expect).

Anyway it was a nice walk through the woods and I took a few pics.  Since coming home from the Peak District I haven't had a lot of inspiration, or motivation, to take many photos, hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

Anyway here's a little flower for Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear. 

The extra made me smile - three Japanese tourists outside Anne Hathaway's Cottage, it seems like the woman on the right is saying to the one in the middle "it's a shame you're not tall enough to see the lovely garden over this wall" and he's thinking "Hmm I wonder if I should tell her about this gate?".

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