By FrankS

Poppy Petals

Today my laptop finally died. It's been playing me up for months now, getting slower, crashing with irregularity, basically driving me batty.  Ann's been telling me to buy a replacement for about a year now, but you know how it is, these things need careful consideration. So as we were in the vicinity of PC World, and I had seen a computer that may do the job, I went in and bought it.  I was upset the computer wasn't on show, and I nearly changed my mind and bought a shiny new Acer laptop, but the shop assistant was very helpful, and knowledgeable, so i bought it unseen, though obviously I knew all about it from my research.

So far I'm happy with it and it didn't take too long to set up though I had to switch off that annoying woman, Cortana who kept trying to give me advice along the way.

Still have a little way to go to get it how I want, but should be able to have a good play tomorrow.

This morning I popped into the garden, before the rain, to take a few photos of the poppies and their fallen petals.

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