The theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by laurie54 is Hectic.  So this is a self-portrait showing me relaxing with a cup of peppermint tea following yet another 'hectic' day under lockdown and shielding.  

Personally I don't do Hectic, not since retiring many years ago.  And in the midst of this pandemic I don't think being hectic would help pass the time.  I did get out for a nice walk to Shottery and have been working on the WRAP Charity Commission return for last year which is a little stressful but certainly nothing to get het up about!

On an aside: last night we watched one of the funniest TV programs made during, and about, lockdown.  'Staged' starring David Tennant and Micheal Sheen, and their wives, six short episodes on BBC iPlayer, we watched the entire series.

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