Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Stone Festival

Winchester Cathedral has started having what they call a Stone Festival each year, highlighting the skills of stonemasons working in the great medieval cathedrals.  Basically it consists of a marquee in the Inner Close with something like a dozen stonemasons creating a work from scratch and to their own design.  These then get auctioned off at the end of Sunday.

This blip is of Alex Waddell, one of the Winchester masons.  (Yes, they need five permanent, full-timers just to keep the place going).  He didn't a bit mind me taking pictures as long as I could assure him there was no ketchup in his beard ;)  There wasn't.

I have to tell you, beards seem to feature largely in the lives of stonemasons, though not for women.  There's a female mason in Extras called Pippa Unwin.

And that's me for today.

Don't forget, the first Wild Flower Week finishes today.  Any further entries should be tagged simply WFW.  Tomorrow we begin the second WFW.  Please tag entries for this #WFW02 - and let's hope that works!
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