Walked about 7 miles today

Have somehow picked up a sore throat - possibly pollen related I guess with levels here at a record high. Hope it’s that and not the start of Lyme disease! See earlier blip

Managed to balance myself on a wooden style (half way up it, plus cos of rotting it was at a funny angle) and waited around for 15 mins or so in order to photograph the lovely ‘Union Of South Africa’ which is a steam train. Loads of professional photographers around today waiting in anticipation.

I’d love to go on a steam train one day and have the full silver service but it’s expensive.

It amused me that as I stood there, my arm shielding my eyes from the sun, many of the people onboard thought I was waving, I’ve never had so many strangers frantically waving back at me, all with big smiles of course- rather lovely.

In other news today I walked past a dog who had the head of a Staffordshire bull terrier but the body of a parsons Jack Russell - I’ve never seen a dog that has such a clear cut off point: not pit bull obviously in the body and not Jack Russell on the head. The owner smiled at me when he saw me do a double take!

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