Marking Time

By Libra

Ludwig – brush with fame

Ludwig, a deaf white Persian, looks like becoming a celebrity in the craft world.

For his long white hair is used to decorate pots using the ancient art of raiku firing

His owner Kathleen Morison, whom I met for the first time today in Stirling, tells me she hit on the idea of experimenting with his hair to create expressive marks on her pots.

Its been so successful that she has now been invited to exhibit her "cats hair " pots in a prestigious gallery on the west coast of Scotland.
“They liked the story behind the pots and how Ludwig is a deaf rescue cat,” says Kathleen.

Ludwig had a bad start to life. Not only was he born deaf but he also suffered a major injury on the farm and ended up in Cat Rescue where he was nursed back to health.

Kathleen adopted him but it was a challenge because he was semi feral.
She persevered and now he loves nothing better than a cuddle and being groomed.

This is one cat that landed on his feet.

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