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By Connections

Delighted to Return!

(I'm home as of the evening of June 15, and gradually backblipping.)

Back in September 2017, when Phil and I were in Portland, Maine, Liquid Riot was one of our favorite places to eat and drink. I was happy to return there nine months later with Cousin R and his wife, S. 

The glimpse of Portland's working harbor in the extra photo gives you a glimpse of what goes on there -- crab "pots" and fishing boats, bringing in the sea's bounty. R, S, and I had a couple of nights in a lovely Portland hotel  during my visit with them, while renovations to their bathroom were being completed.

I was delighted to return to this coastal city of about 67,000 people, about 20,000 fewer than Bellingham. The weather was wonderful, and we never ran out of interesting things to do. R and S go to Portland often, as it's an easy two-hour drive from their home in Boston.
Much as I've grown to love Boston, I'm more at home in smaller cities. Travel not only expands your mind -- it also gives you a better understanding of what's really important to you.

Blip 1944

(Thanks to R for the  photo.)

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