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Definition: The direct opposite.

On my last full day in Boston, Cousin R and I spent several hours at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The contrast between JFK and the present occupant of The White House could not be any greater. I held back  tears as we perused the evocative exhibits, fearing that if I were to release them, I'd drown. 

 The JFK 100 -- Milestones & Mementos special exhibition, honoring John Fitzgerald Kennedy's birth 100 years ago, was particularly well done. It runs through November 25, but you don't have to travel to Boston to see it. I just discovered that by clicking on the link above, scrolling down to "View highlights..." in red and clicking those words, I could see the exhibition on Google Arts & Culture. 

I'm going to view the exhibit again, that way -- and this time, the tears will flow.

(The painting that I chose for my blip is a portrait of John F. Kennedy by Jamie Wyeth, done a few years after the president's death. You can read more about it in the extras, along with another placard from the museum that I felt summed up JFK very well.

I'm gradually getting back into the swing of things here, and hope to resume more frequent blipping --- and commenting -- soon.)

Blip 1945

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